fredag 1 maj 2009

SNS Energy

SNS Energy was founded in 1989 on the initiative of SNS and Vattenfall AB, with the objective of studying international energy markets and disseminating the results of the studies within the Swedish energy community. The actives were discontinued in December 1999, when Marian Radetzki, President of SNS Energy retired. Since then, the organisation has served mainly as a foundation to support academic research on energy related issues. One such project is Global Climate Policy Analysis and Implications for the Swedish Energy Sector.

Executive Director:

Pontus Braunerhjelm, Associate Professor, Research director, SNS

The Board of SNS Energy:

Carl-Erik Nyquist, Chairman
Tomas Bruce
Björn Carlsson
Christer Sjölin
Stefan Lundgren, President and CEO, SNS

Source: SNS